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handmade Israeli jewelry

Welcome to the section of exquisite handmade Israeli jewelry, created with love and inspiration by Israeli designer Yulia Yeshanov. The new collection features a variety of jewelry styles - from classic to extravagant in the Boho style. The unique shapes and colors of each piece embody the aesthetics and warmth of handmade jewelry. Immerse yourself in a collection where each handcrafted Israeli piece becomes an integral part of your unique style and wardrobe. Shopping in the COLIBRI GEMS online store in Israel is very convenient, because we provide jewelry delivery all over the world.

Choose handmade Israeli jewelry in Yulia's new collection, which is already on sale in the handmade jewelry store COLIBRI GEMS.

Handmade Israeli jewelry by designer Yulia Yeshanov


Section of handmade Israeli jewelry

In this section it is convenient to select handmade Israeli jewelry by color, size and shape. Let's start choosing?