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Handmade brooches

Brooches by designer Yulia Yeshanov

Brooches are handmade by designer Yulia Yeshanov. All my brooches are made in a single copy. Happy shopping!


Designer brooches by master Yulia Yeshanov

Welcome to the section brooches on jewelry designer Yulia Yeshanov's website!  Here you can find unique and stylish brooches that will make you look perfect and finished.  Every brooch is a wearable story of elegance and individuality.


All designer brooches I made are unique and can tell a story both about the master and about the owner.


My brooch collection offers a variety of shapes and designs, mostly abstract.  These small accessories can become a noticeable accent on your clothes, scarf or bag, adding a touch of personality and style.


I offer exclusive handmade brooches that cannot be found in other stores.  Here you will find unique works of art created with love and attention to detail.  Buying brooches from "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store, you not only get high-quality jewelry, but also the opportunity to emphasize your individual style.


Place an order right now and my gorgeous brooches will add a touch of charm to your costume!

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