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  • How soon will I get my order?
    I'll ship the order within 2-3 business days. The delivery time depends on post carrier.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    I accept PayPal and credit cards.
  • How much is shipping?
    I offer worldwide shipping. Inside of Israel the shipping is free of charge, shipping to other countries will cost $10.
  • How will my order ship?
    Your order will ship in a gift box inside of a well-packed box. I use priority shipment with tracking number. Please take into consideration: after the shipment the delivery time is under post services responsibility.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Unworn and undamaged jewelry can be returned for any reason within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Shipping cost is not refundable. Email to arrange a return. I guarantee craftsmanship. Please contact me with any issues. I make a full refund after I’ve received your items.
  • What is Boho style?
    The short name "Boho" means "bohemian". It originated from bohemian gypsie's fashion. Boho fashion is romantic and flowy and often includes elements from many cultures. Mostly it is a mixture of casual, hippie, ethnic and vintage styles. Boho style gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s and it is mostly known for exuding a unique and artistic vibe. As known, fashion tends to return as vintage, that's why boho is very trendy and popular nowadays. A new subsection was created from it, called the boho-chic style, as a more curated boho look. No boho outfit is complete without accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and dangly earrings. This unique style has a powerful way of transforming your look from a simple one into a trendy, stylish one. All you need is only to wear a piece of Boho jewelry. You can buy Boho jewelry on our website
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