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Crocheted jewelry

Handmade crocheted jewelry by designer Yulia Yeshanov

I present handmade crocheted jewelry made by myself. My name is Yulia Yeshanov, I am a jewelry maker. Each jewelry piece I create is unique and one-of-a-kind. I work with a lot of love and attention to detail.


In my collection of beaded accessories you will find necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry in various styles and designs.


Sincerely hope you enjoy my collection of beaded jewelry.

Designer crocheted Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is a modern choice of stylish and fashionable women who want to make their image unique and to attract attention.


Why do women choose beaded jewelry?

Beaded jewelry designed for self-confident women who want to emphasize their individuality, and to add a sophisticated touch to their look.


Beaded jewelry is very diverse, has different textures, shades and styles, which allows women to express their image and style through accessories.


Why it is worth crocheted jewelry to buy from "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store?

Purchasing jewelry in "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store is the choice of modern and stylish women who value uniqueness, freedom and individuality.


Jewelry will be delivered to you in a beautiful gift box. This is a great gift for yourself or for your beloved woman, mother, sister or girlfriend.


"Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store often holds sales during which you can buy jewelry at a bargain price.


In my online shop, you can always find beaded jewelry at an affordable price.


Happy shopping!

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