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Handmade earrings

Handmade earrings in Israel: art embodied in every detail

Inspired by the graceful play of light and shadow, handmade earrings from Israeli designer Yulia Yeshanov are not just jewelry, but true works of art. Crafted with love and attention to detail, each pair of earrings features a unique design. Choose from a variety of styles, from classic and elegant to extravagant and bohemian. Graceful lines, bright colors and unusual materials - all this creates unique jewelry that will highlight your individuality and become an integral part of your image.

Handmade earrings from Yulia Yeshanov are:

  • Exclusive Designs: Each pair of earrings is a handcrafted work of art.

  • High quality: using only the best materials and fittings.

  • Variety of styles: from classic to boho, from minimalism to eclecticism.

  • Ideal gift: for yourself or loved ones, for any occasion.

In the new collection you can purchase not only earrings, but also jewelry sets:

  • Necklace and earrings

  • Bracelet and earrings

  • Necklace, bracelet and earrings

Dive into the world of unique and stylish handmade earrings, where each pair will become your favorite accessory. Find your perfect pair of earrings in the COLIBRI GEMS store!


Handmade earrings by Yulia Yeshanov: luxury accessible to everyone

Yulia Yeshanov uses a variety of materials in her works - leather, textiles, metal and polymer clay. This allows for an inexhaustible source of creative solutions. The wealth of textures, colors and shapes of handmade earrings will not leave indifferent even the most demanding fashionistas.

Advantages of handmade earrings from Yulia Yeshanov

  • Uniqueness in every detail: Each pair of earrings is an original work of art, created in a single copy.*

  • Hand-painted: Decorative elements on the earrings are hand-painted, which gives them a special charm and personality.

  • Truly Israeli style: Each pair of earrings reflects the unique flavor and energy of Israel.

  •  Wide Selection: With a variety of styles, materials and colors to choose from, you can find the perfect earrings to complement any look.

  • Superior Quality: The earrings are handcrafted from high quality materials to ensure they are long lasting.

Where to buy handmade earrings from Yulia Yeshanov in Israel?

You can purchase unique handmade earrings from Yulia Yeshanov in Israel in the handmade jewelry store COLIBRI GEMS with delivery worldwide. Don't miss the opportunity to become the owner of an exclusive piece of jewelry!


Treat yourself to beauty - Earrings made by the hands of a designer!

Handmade earrings from Yulia Yeshanov are the perfect gift for any woman. Stylish packaging will make your gift even more impressive. We also offer various types of earrings:


Reviews of elegant earrings made by the hands of designer Yulia Yeshanov

Take a look at the reviews section and see the rave reviews from the happy owners of Yulia Yeshanov’s handmade earrings!

Rita Arepieva, Ukraine

Thank you Yulia, I received my earrings very quickly. I am very pleased with my purchase from COLIBRI GEMS. Yulia, you are a sorceress, the earrings made by your hands are a real work of art!

Special offer from handmade jewelry store COLIBRI GEMS

Make your first purchase of handmade earrings from Israeli designer Yulia Yeshanov and receive a 20% discount!

Create your own unique image

With unique handmade earrings from COLIBRI GEMS!

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