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Regaliz bracelets

Regaliz bracelets in Israrsel by designer Yulia Yeshanov

We are glad to welcome you to the section for the sale of Regaliz bracelets by Israeli designer Yulia Yeshanov. We present to your attention a new collection of bracelets in which you can choose unique jewelry for your expressive look. Our Regaliz bracelets impress you with their unique designs, shapes and color choices. Designer Yulia Yeshanov uses many materials to make bracelets - leather, metal, beads, textiles, polymer clay. Each Regaliz bracelet has an individual hand-painting and is made by hand in a single copy. Designer Yulia never repeats her jewelry, so you can be sure that your bracelet is the only one in the world.

Start choosing your Regaliz bracelet right now!

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