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Handmade rings in Israel

Welcome to the section of exquisite handmade rings created with love by Israeli designer Yulia Yeshanov. Our new collection features a variety of ring styles: from extravagant, classic to boho. Yulia's designer rings have unique shapes and colors for each piece. Immerse yourself in a collection where each handcrafted ring will become an integral part of your wardrobe and style.

Shopping at the handmade online store COLIBRI GEMS in Israel is very convenient, because we deliver rings all over the world. We also provide free delivery throughout Israel.

Choose handmade rings from Yulia’s new collection, which is already on sale in the handmade online store COLIBRI GEMS.

Handmade rings in Israel by designer Yulia Yeshanov

Designer handmade rings

Handmade rings are a great choice for modern and fashionable women who want to make their look unique.


Why women choose handmade rings

If you give your preference to Yulia Yeshanov's handmade rings, they'll make your image bright and memorable.

Buying a handmade ring means having a great sense of style! This way you express independence and self-confidence.

Modern and fashionable rings are created with love and fantasy. They always attract attention and emphasize your sophisticated taste.

Why is it profitable to buy handmade rings online in "Colibri Gems"  jewelry store?

Buying a ring in "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store is the right choice.



The rings presented in the store are handmade by designer Yulia Yeshanov.  The master personally guarantees the high quality of each piece of jewelry.  Each ring is unique and made in a single copy.



By purchasing handmade rings in "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store, you will receive them in a branded gift box.  This is a great gift for your beloved woman, mother, sister or friend.  Branded packaging gives a special value and makes the purchase even more enjoyable.



Handmade jewelry store "Colibri Gems" often holds sales during which you can buy rings at a bargain price.  This is a great opportunity to get designer jewelry from master Yulia Yeshanov.



Prices for rings will pleasantly surprise every buyer.


You can always find designer rings at an affordable price for you.


Happy shopping!

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