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Leather jewelry for sale

Leather jewelry by designer Yulia Yeshanov

I present to you leather jewelry 

create by me. My name is Yulia Yeshanov, and I am a jewelry maker.  Each piece of jewelry I create is unique, one-of-a-kind, with a lot of love and attention to detail.


My passion for leather work began several years ago. I love experimenting with different textures and tones to create pieces that stand out and add exquisite appearance.


In my collection of leather accessories you will find necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry made in various styles and designs.  I use only the highest quality materials and genuine leather to ensure the durability of each piece.


Every moment of creating leather jewelry for me is a real fun. I pay special attention to every step of the process, from material selection to the final touch of finish. My goal is to create jewelry that will express your personality and add a bright accent to your image.


I sincerely hope you enjoy my collection of leather jewelry.


Designer Leather jewelry 

Designer leather jewelry is a right choice for stylish and fashionable women who want to make their look unique.

Why do women choose leather jewelry?

Leather jewelry is unique and elegant. A modern, stylish woman wants to add a touch of flair to her look.


Leather jewelry comes in different textures, shades and styles, allowing women to express their own style through accessories.  In addition, leather is a durable material, so leather jewelry will delight its owner for many years.

Why is it profitable to buy leather jewelry in the "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store?

Buying jewelry in "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store is the choice of stylish women who appreciate individuality.


You will receive jewelry in a branded gift box. This is a great gift for yourself or your beloved woman, mother, sister or girlfriend.


"Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store often holds sales during which you can buy jewelry at a bargain price.


In my online shop, you can always find leather jewelry at an affordable price.


Happy shopping!

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