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Top 10 Unique Handmade Necklaces from Israel

10 Best Handmade Necklaces by Designer Yulia Yeshanov

Top 10 Unique Handmade Necklaces from Israel
Top 10 Unique Handmade Necklaces from Israel

Handcrafted individual jewelry always captures attention and emphasizes the uniqueness of its wearer. If you're seeking an accessory that stands out from the crowd and adds a touch of elegance, then handmade necklaces by designer Yulia Yeshanov are exactly what you need. In this article, we'll explore the top ten necklaces by Yulia.

1. "Chunky Choker" Necklace

The "Chunky Choker" necklace is a true masterpiece crafted from polymer clay. The thin rectangle beads are semi-transparent and give the accessory a special effect of lightness and airiness. Polymer clay is lightweight and pleasant to the touch. The necklace has a steel clasp that ensures secure and safe fastening.

2. "Circles" Necklace

The "Circles" necklace is a work of art made from polymer clay with metal elements. Its lightweight and graceful design make it an excellent choice for everyday wear. This necklace adds a touch of creativity and originality to your look, as noted by designer Yulia Yeshanov.

3. "Wicker Collar" Necklace

The "Wicker Collar" necklace impresses with its polymer clay weaving technique. A sturdy magnetic lock ensures easy and safe closure and opening of the accessory. This necklace complements both casual and evening outfits.

4. "Abstract Strawberry" Necklace

The "Abstract Strawberry" necklace is a true artistic masterpiece. The strawberry-like shaped pendant is made from polymer clay and silver wire. A lightweight leather cord maintains its shape and provides comfortable wear.

5. "Cells" Necklace

The "Cells" necklace is an exquisite accessory with a polymer clay pendant on a leather cord. Its combination of lightness and durability makes it an excellent choice for those who value style and comfort. Yulia believes, such accessory helps to reflect the individuality of self-confident modern woman.

6. Carnelian Stone Necklace

The carnelian stone necklace embodies classic boho style. Italian natural bronze-colored leather, beautiful carnelian cabochon, and carnelian beads create a unique harmony. The handmade leather cord emphasizes the design's originality.

7. Necklace with Moving Elements

The necklace with moving elements embodies contemporary style. Made from polymer clay, this necklace with mobile details creates a sense of movement, adding dynamism to your look.

8. "Braided Blue Hues" Necklace

The "Braided Blue Hues" necklace is a unique woven piece made from high-quality Czech glass beads. Its rich shades of blue highlight your look and make it an indispensable accessory.

9. "Glass and Leather" Necklace

The "Glass and Leather" necklace combines glass and leather in one piece. A multicolored glass cabochon, surrounded by leather frame, hangs on a long nylon cord. This necklace for sure will accentuate your originality.

10. Eudalite Stone Necklace

The eudalite stone necklace is a unique combination of natural gemstone and craftsmanship. The eudalite cabochon set in a leather frame gives the accessory an exquisite look. handmade braided leather cord completes the ensemble.

Designer Yulia Yeshanov crafts unique necklaces by hand to accentuate your beauty and individuality. Each piece bears Yulia's distinctive signature, as she strives to bring beauty and harmony to the world. Every necklace is a work of art that delights the eye and brings joy. As Yulia says: "You are beautiful, and Colibri Gems jewelry designed to highlight your beauty and individuality! Love to see you happy!"

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