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Handmade bracelets 

Bracelets by designer Yulia Yeshanov

Bracelets by designer Yulia Yeshanov are one of a kind and made with love - so they are the embodiment of beauty and style.  The bracelets are unique and inimitable.

Designer bracelets

Designer bracelets are the perfect choice for modern women who want to have a unique look.

Bracelets made with love

Designer bracelets by Yulia Yeshanov will make your look memorable.


Buying a handmade bracelet means having a great style and fashion sense!


Stylish and fashionable bracelets that, created with love and attention to detail, attract admiring glances and emphasize your individuality.


Purchasing designer bracelet, you express your uniqueness and style.


Why is it profitable to buy a bracelet in "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store?

Purchasing bracelets from "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store is an obvious and profitable choice for a number of reasons.


The bracelets presented in the store are made by designer Yulia Yeshanov.  The master guarantees  high quality and exclusivity of each piece of jewelry.  Each bracelet is unique and made in a single copy.


By purchasing a bracelet from "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store, you will receive it in a branded gift box.  This is a great gift option for your beloved woman, mother, sister or girlfriend.  Gift wrapping adds special value and makes the purchase even more unique.


"Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store regularly holds sales during which you can buy bracelets at a bargain price.  This is a great opportunity to get designer jewelry by affordable price.


The prices for bracelets in "Colibri Gems" handmade jewelry store will delight every customer.


You can always find wide range of exclusive handmade bracelets at an affordable price.


Happy shopping.

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