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Top 10 Israeli bracelets for sale

In stock: Top 10 Bracelets by Israeli Designer Yulia Yeshanov

Yulia Yeshanov designer bracelets are not just accessories; they are true works of art crafted with meticulous care and love. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

1. "Purple Bangle" Bracelet

  • "Purple Bangle" Bracelet - this bracelet is made from polymer clay, that makes it lightweight and durable.

  • It's adorned with a purple hue and a unique pattern, adding elegance to your look.

2. "Purple Regaliz Bracelet"

  • "Purple Regaliz Bracelet" - This bracelet is crafted from PU leather cord with polymer clay slider bead and a stainless steel strong magnet clasp.

  • The purple accents give it a special touch. Magnet clasp makes easy to put bracelet on and take off.

3. "Blue Waves" Stretch Bracelet

  • "Blue Waves" Stretch Bracelet - This comfortable stretch bracelet made from polymer clay and designed for wrists measuring 16 to 18 cm.

  • It adds a touch of marine freshness and a vibrant accent to your style.

4. "Striped" Stretch Bracelet

  • "Striped" Stretch Bracelet - This polymer clay bracelet option is suitable for larger wrists.

  • It's decorated with a unique pattern that adds interesting zest to your style.

5. "Pink/Lavender Hues" Leather Cuff Bracelet

  • "Pink/Lavender Hues" Leather Cuff Bracelet - This leather cuff bracelet catches the eye with its combination of pink and lavender shades.

  • It's adorned with charoite and amethyst cabochons, making it unique and stylish.

6. "Black & White" Regaliz Bracelet

  • "Black & White" Regaliz Bracelet - This monochromatic bracelet features polymer clay elements on a PU leather braided cord. The bracelet is strict and elegant and at the same time eye-catching.

  • It securely fastens with a magnetic clasp and fits wrists ranging from 16 to 18 cm.

7. "Blue Mood" Bangle Bracelets

  • "Blue Mood" Bangle Bracelets - Choose your favorite version of this polymer clay bracelet.

  • They are sturdy and lightweight, ideal for wrists measuring 16 to 18 cm. Please specify your choice when ordering - striped or silver color lining.

8. "Rainbow" Bracelet

  • "Rainbow" Bracelet - This splendid cuff bracelet is made in colorful hues that makes it eye-catching. Fits 16 to 18.5 cm wrist.

  • A reliable magnetic clasp ensures safe wear.

9. Handmade bracelet "Fall colors"

  • "Fall Colors" - Polymer clay bracelet. Durable and lightweight.

  • Polished, has a nice satin surface. Magnet clasp. Weight 85 g. Fits 16 to 18 cm wrist.

10. Wide Cuff Bracelet

  • Wide Cuff Bracelet - A wide, lightweight, and durable polymer clay bracelet.

  • It will be the perfect addition to your unique look.

These bracelets are more than just jewelry;

they are an expression of your individuality and style. Choose the one that reflects your uniqueness and wear it proudly as a work of art by Yulia Yeshanov.

What bracelets are in trend now?

1. Stretch bracelets: Convenient and suitable for different wrist sizes.

2. Polymer clay bracelets: Bright and lightweight, they add style to your look.

3. Magnetic clasps: Convenience and reliability in wearing.

4. Metallic shades: Metallic colors and silver inserts add modern charm.

5. Designer bracelets: Handmade bracelets are always in style.

Choose your style from Yulia Yeshanov bracelets and emphasize your individuality!

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