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Handmade stretch bracelet

Handmade stretch bracelets from Israeli designer Yulia Yeshanov

Welcome to the section of handmade stretch bracelets, lovingly created by Israeli designer Yulia Yeshanov. The new collection features a variety of handmade Israeli bracelet styles, from classic to extravagant. The original shapes and colors of each bracelet highlight the aesthetics and beauty of handmade jewelry. Immerse yourself in a collection where handcrafted stretch bracelets become an integral part of your unique style.


Choose a stretch bracelet from Yulia’s new collection, which is already on sale at the COLIBRI GEMS handmade jewelry store.

Section of handmade stretch bracelets in Israel

In this section it is convenient to choose stretch bracelets by color, size and shape. Let's start choosing?

stretch bracelets in Israel

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Designer stretch bracelets from Israel


Designer Yulia Yeshanov charges all stretch bracelets with her strong energy and character. Designer stretch bracelets are unique jewelry that dictate new rules in the fashion world. Yulia's stretch bracelet will give you a surge of new emotions and unique impressions for a great mood everyday!

Here you will find different types of bracelets:

Stretch bracelet with hand painting and unusual shapes

Hand-painted stretch bracelets are unique and create a unique effect that will highlight your individuality and become a highlight of your style. In her stretch bracelet, designer Yulia combines many materials: leather, textiles, metal and polymer clay. These materials provide endless possibilities for creativity - the variety of shapes, textures and colors of each stretch bracelet will not leave even the most demanding women indifferent.

Where can you buy stretch bracelets by Yulia Yeshanov?


You can buy a stretch bracelet by Yulia Yeshanov with worldwide delivery in the COLIBRI GEMS handmade jewelry store in Israel. A new collection of bracelets is already on sale. In Yulia's new collection, you will definitely choose jewelry that is perfect for your look. All stretch bracelets are made by hand, in a single copy, and you will never find a similar piece of jewelry in the whole world!


What clothes do stretch bracelets wear with?

Yulia's stretch bracelets are universal and suitable for both everyday and evening looks, as they have a variety of shapes, materials and colors. Unique designer stretch bracelets will complement your look and highlight your individual style.

Advantages of Israeli stretch bracelets

Israeli stretch bracelets have many advantages:

  • Uniqueness in every detail

  • Hand painted each bracelet

  • Israeli flavor and character

  • Unlimited choice of color, texture and shape

  • You will never see a similar piece of jewelry in your life

  • Relevance and durability of jewelry


Buy handmade stretch bracelet online in Israel

Buy a stretch bracelet online right now in the COLIBRI GEMS handmade jewelry store with worldwide delivery and free delivery in Israel. Don’t miss the opportunity to order Israeli bracelets online from designer Yulia Yeshanov, as each piece of jewelry is made in a single copy and will never be repeated. Show off your individuality with handmade jewelry that will highlight your unique look.


Stretch bracelet gift idea!

Are you looking for something to give to your beloved woman, mother, sister or girlfriend? We'll give you a hint, handmade Israeli jewelry or a stretch bracelet is a great gift idea for any occasion. To choose the right bracelet, look at the wardrobe of the person you want to give a gift to and choose a piece of jewelry that matches the style or color of the clothing. Also pay attention to the eye color and wrist width of the person who will wear your gift. We hope these simple tips will help you with choosing a bracelet for a gift. In addition, all accessories handmade by Yulia Yeshanov are delivered in branded gift packaging, which makes the gift even more pleasant!

Customer reviews of stretch bracelets by Israeli designer Yulia Yeshanov

Read reviews from our customers about unique stretch bracelets created by designer Yulia Yeshanova. We are proud of positive feedback and strive to share the joy of every client. Share your experience with us!

Lola Kaluzin, USA

I wear jewelry with pleasure and continue to order. I am very glad that the products in a single copy are made with taste and look elegant. Thank you

20% discount on your first stretch bracelet purchase

Don't miss the chance to save! Make your first stretch bracelet purchase now and receive an exclusive 20% discount. Create your own unique look with jewelry from Yulia Yeshanov right now.

Buy a stretch bracelet from COLIBRI GEMS right now

Handmade jewelry designer Yulia Yeshanov doesn’t just create jewelry, she creates real works of art. You can buy handmade stretch bracelets that will make you stand out from others. The new collection is already available in the COLIBRI GEMS handmade jewelry store. Give yourself the pleasure of unique style and incredible shapes, available exclusively only with us.

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