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Bracelet and Earrings set Sets by Designer Yulia Yeshanov at COLIBRI GEMS Online Store in Israel

Bracelet and Earrings set by Designer Yulia Yeshanov at COLIBRI GEMS Online Store in Israel

Welcome to the captivating world of unique bracelet and earring sets, crafted with love and passion by designer Yulia Yeshanov. In the handmade jewelry online store COLIBRI GEMS in Israel, we present to you a collection where each set becomes an integral accent to your style.


Refined Bracelets: Exquisite Charm on Your Wrist

Our sets include bracelets made with a variety of materials such as leather, textile, and metal. Handcrafting adds uniqueness to each bracelet, and the diversity of shapes and volumes allows you to choose the perfect accessory for your look

Handmade jewelry in Israel

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Earrings: Embodiment of Elegance and Individuality

The earrings in each set embody elegance and individuality. Hand painting, a variety of shapes, and the use of different materials such as polymer clay and metal make each pair unique.

COLIBRI GEMS: Create Your Unique Image with Us

At the COLIBRI GEMS online store, we take pride in offering jewelry that not only complements your style but also tells unique stories. Each bracelet and earring set is a chance to express your individuality and connect with the art of handmade craftsmanship.

Reviews of jewelry sets of bracelets and earrings from designer Yulia Yeshanov

Read reviews from our customers about unique jewelry sets of bracelets and earrings created by designer Yulia Yeshanova. We are proud of positive feedback and strive to share the joy of every client. Share your experience with us!

Svetlana Y. DE

Ich habe diesen schönes Schmuckstück in diesen Shop gekauft, der eine große Auswahl hat. Einfache Bezahlung und reibungslose Lieferung nach Deutschland. Die Verpackung war sicher und professionell. Ich empfehle diesen Shop jedem, der nach einzigartigem Schmuck im Boho-Stil sucht.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are COLIBRI GEMS jewelry produced?

All our jewelry is crafted in the workshop of Yulia Yeshanov in Israel.

Are the jewelry exclusive?

All our jewelry is crafted in Yes, each set of bracelets and earrings is unique and produced in a single copy. workshop of Yulia Yeshanov in Israel.


What materials are used for the jewelry?

We use a variety of materials, including leather, textile, metal, and polymer clay, creating unique combinations of shapes and colors.

How to coordinate sets with outfits?

Our sets are perfect for both everyday and evening wear. Bracelets emphasize elegance, while earrings add charm to your look. Try pairing them with dresses, blouses, or jeans to complete a refined ensemble.

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